Helping industry navigate the complexities of the battery supply chain

The battery industry is booming, but with growth comes complexity. Stricter regulations, fluctuating material prices, and the need for efficient recycling all demand a modern solution. 

Inefficient tools cost your firm millions of dollars each year!

Does your team rely on Excel and existing ERP solutions to manage your battery supply chain? Don’t!

Existing tools aren’t fit for purpose anymore. Inefficient battery supply chain management leads to:

Financial Losses

Millions wasted due to poor planning, overstocked inventory, and missed opportunities.

Waste and Shortages

Inability to meet demand due to poor material management and inaccurate forecasting.

Environmental Impact

Ineffective recycling of scrap and missed EOL recycling opportunities harm the environment.

AI-Powered Automation For Your Battery Supply Chain

Sankofa’s digital agents are purpose-built for the battery and automotive industries.

Our digital agents seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, automating repetitive tasks, optimizing inventory levels, maximizing production and recycling capacity, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Then, our AI-driven insights will empower your team to make data-driven decisions, reducing waste, improving efficiency, and boosting profitability.

Why Sankofa?

Real-time insights, battery-specific expertise, and rapid implementation for automakers, battery recyclers, and battery makers.


Real Time Insights

Monitor your supply chain 24/7, proactively identify bottlenecks, and make agile decisions.


Battery-Specific Expertise

Our platform offers specialized features and modules tailored to the unique challenges of the battery manufacturing and recycling industry.


Rapid Implementation

Get up and running quickly with our intuitive interface and streamlined onboarding process.

From chaos to coordination

Sankofa is modern software to manage the entire process.

  • Identify and assess: We collaborate to identify inefficiencies, assess current tools, and pinpoint collaboration gaps.
  • Implement and integrate: We seamlessly integrate Sankofa with your systems along with new transformative business processes, tailoring it to your needs.
  • Optimize and grow: Monitor your supply chain in real-time, leverage AI for dynamic planning, and continuously improve with data-driven insights.

Industry Veterans Driving Supply Chain Innovation

We’re passionate about leveraging technology to create a more sustainable and efficient battery ecosystem.
Our leadership team brings decades of combined experience in the battery industry, supply chain management, and software development.

Paul-Miki Akpablie

Jim Krasner

Ilie Petrasco